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Discover The World of Japanese Sake With Me!


As a certified sake sommelier, my passion is to help people discover Japanese sake. I am a sake Podcast host, photographer, and writer creating unique sake-related content and turning vacations into unforgettable travel experiences. 


I travel all over Japan to meet brewers, discover outstanding sake and share what I find in multiple publications. I love meeting people, so if you are coming to Japan, whether you are looking for a sake tasting - overlooking the beautiful cherry blossoms or a luxury sake dinner in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Sapporo, join me for an hour, a day, or a week! 


Want to join me on my sake travels, collaborate or work with me get in touch now!

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Private Sake Tasting


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Private Sake Dinner


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Individual Sake Experience


Latest News!


Every year we are holding a special Doburoku event to celebrate "Doburoku Day" at the FBO Academy in Tokyo!


Lots of different Doburoku to taste, some special guests from overseas, and of course local Doburoku makers to kanpai with! I will be presenting some latest News on Doburoku from Overseas. Chatting to the amazing Alex, owner OMU NOMU sake bar in Singapore!

Check out the full info here!

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26.11 is Doburoku Day!

I was delighted to meet with Paul McInnes from Tokyo Weekender for an early 8 am Coffee and talk a little bit about my sake nomad life, other projects, and of course photography.

A real fun chat and I was so excited to not just share a little bit of what I do, but to also give a few shout-outs to people who have changed my life and helped and supported me in one way or another on my sake journey...

Check out the full interview here!

8am coffee with Paul with cindy bissig aka sake nomad

Interview: Tokyo Weekender!

A few months ago the lovely people from Arigato Travel asked me if I was interested in being interviewed about my life here in Japan, including sharing some of my projects and of course talking about sake.

I was very excited to not just chat a little bit about what I do, but also give a few shout-outs to projects and people that I think are doing an amazing job promoting sake both in and outside of Japan...

...and here it is!

Check out the full interview here!

Interview Cindy Bissig and Arigato Japan.png

Interview: Arigato Japan!

Doburoku Ambassador!

When I fell in love with Doburoku a few years ago I would not have thought I would become a Doburoku Ambassador, so when I was asked to join the amazing group of people who promote Doburoku at Doburoku Lovers, I was surprised and felt incredibly honored and excited!


Find out more here!

EVENT: #beyondsake x Tsukiji Sake Salon x Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery

Another event of my #beyondsake series, this time in collaboration with Tsukiji Sake Salon in Tokyo and Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery from Shikoku!

I am looking forward to sharing my impressions of the brewery through my photography exhibited on the day of my visit when I helped make sake with them last year and I am uber-excited as Kuramoto-Toji, Mamiya-san, and two of his daughters will be joining the evening bringing plenty of sake as well as some of his hand-made T-shirts!


Check out upcoming sake events for more info.

#beyondsake at sake lovers inc with miyoshikiku, photo cindy bissig.jpg

This Month in Sake!

Being pretty much continuously on the road exploring what is happening in the sake industry, I thought I should create a space to document my sake travels, even if just briefly. So I created "This Month in Sake", which highlights some of the sake breweries I visited, festivals & sake events, and of course the people I have met along the road.

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