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Once you have fallen in love with Japanese sake the next question, especially if you do not live in Japan really is, where can I buy it?

And yes, the struggle is real. Although I live in Japan it can be pretty difficult finding a particular sake. With roughly 1200 Breweries, you can imagine, not every shop stocks everything. And even ordering from Breweries directly has its limitations. 

Now, buying sake abroad adds an extra level of difficulty as you probably have found out by now. However, it is not impossible, because the sake industry is exporting more sake than ever before and a growing number of online shops have been created by sake lovers worldwide. 

So the following list is here to help you find local sake sellers, online shops, and distributors to cater to all your sake needs. It is updated regularly so if you cannot find a place to order from now, bookmark it and come back. Also, let me know if your favorite shop is missing, I would love to add it!

Buy Sake Online in Japan

They have an extensive selection on sake from all over the country and I especially love that they sell limited edition sake as well as seasonal sake. Because these are hard to get.

Offers a small selection of sake that are not available commercially

Great online store offering a variety of Japanese sake. And what I love, you can map search and easily find sake from each region.

May be the most comprehensive online sake store. I love that each product comes with a small write up, giving you an idea what it will be like.

Not just for beverages, it has a great online sake shop recommended by some brewers like Kidoizumi. Here I love the extended search functions for example by price or location of Brewery.

Well known and loved online shop, often the first one to check for many, as they have an impressive selection of nihonshu available to order online.

A local sake specialty store, located in Yotsuya, Tokyo. They feature sake from many local and often smaller breweries that is hard to get. Only, you need to fax your order of give them a call (as they do not have a classic "online shop"). This may be a deal-breaker for some, but deserves a place here for its great selection.

Directly from the Kura

Buy Sake Online Abroad


Great selection of sake with free delivery on orders over 150$

Great price value and description on each sake. I also love the selection packs, giving you a great introduction into sake or way to compare a variety of styles and flavours.

Great selection of Sake! They really feature some amazing brands, definitely worth a look. With many amazing Breweries being available here, you will sure discover some great Sake!

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Great online sake shops in Austria delivering your sake right to your doorstep:




Great sake shops to buy sake in Begium online:




So far only one sake shops that seems to sell sake online in Denmark:




The best online shops to buy Japanese sake in France:



This is a bit of a surprise, as they have a good selection for an online shop and at pretty cheap prices.

Great and well organised online sake shop. Prices are extremely fair and they make it easy to find specific items, as they offer different search functions.

They offer a nice selection of sake and again prices are very competitive. As a highlight, you will also be able to buy "Taru sake" which I thought is pretty amazing.



Here you can order a variety of sake made by Hakutsuru only.

Selling a small selection of sake from Keigetsu, including its award winning sparkling variety called “John”.

Offering a selection of sake including famous Dassai at a good price. Some of the items are currently out of stock.



The best online shops to buy Japanese sake in Italy:




Great sake shops to buy sake in the Netherlands online:




A great online shop in Portugal delivering your sake right to your doorstep:




Great online sake retailers in Singapore that deliver your sake right to your doorstep:




The best online shop to buy Japanese sake in Spain:





So far the only sake shop that seems to sell sake online in Sweden:



A small selection of sake including some real gems at extremely affordable prices.

Probably the number one sake shop in Switzerland with some very high end products available.

Good selection of Japanese sake, also offering some aged sake, which is had to get.

Different sake selection and with a wide variety of tastes. Great for finding something different to all the other shops and at a great price.

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