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...before sake...

I must confess until a few years ago I did not know what Doburoku is, but just as Japanese sake slowly found its way into my life so did Doburoku. From the first encounter, which frankly did not make me fall head over heels, to re-approaching it and finding not just excitement in its taste and texture, but also by meeting the people who make it and by understanding the culture behind the drink.

These days I am thrilled to see more Doburoku on menus both to order on its own and even more so as part of exquisite food pairing menus in Japan. With more and more people embracing the drink and fully enjoying it.


My goal as a Doburoku Ambassador is to help people discover Doburoku and I am excited to do so in the near future through events, tastings, and seminars. But until then for anyone who would like to dive deeper into doburoku here are some great resources for you:

Great Doburoku Resources

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Great Places to Try Doburoku!

More to come soon...

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