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Sake Tourism - Kyoto

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Discover Sake Destinations in Japan

Kyoto without a doubt should be on anyone's list when visiting Japan! Its abundance of Japanese traditional culture, landscape, and look makes it a Japanophiles dream come true and its location, water, and history (among plenty of other things) are why it is on any sake lover's map. Kyoto has some of the best sake in Japan and you can visit these breweries. Some located in the very heart of Kyoto, some packed together in a small area a little to the south known by many and called Fushimi, and yet again others dotted all over the prefecture.


And there are plenty of places to sample their brew too, from tiny izakayas, standing bars and restaurants there is certainly no shortage of places to go to. It gets a bit more difficult when we get to the part about which place to choose, especially when you are on a limited timeframe... 

Here is a collection of sake bars, shops, and breweries you should not miss while visiting Kyoto.

Matsui Sake Brewery Kyoto.png

More coming Soon!

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