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Sake Tourism - Tochigi

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Discover Sake Destinations in Japan

Tochigi, a prefecture located in the Kanto region of Japan is home to about 30 sake breweries and being only a short drive from Tokyo, makes it a great sake destination to visit for any sake lover!

In fact, it is well known for producing some excellent sake including Senkin, Sanran, and Uroko to name just a few brands that are widely known, loved, and also exported. So whether you are already a seasoned sake connoisseur or someone new to sake, you will have a great time discovering sake here in Tochigi.


Many breweries also happily open their doors and show visitors how sake is made including tastings of their amazing brews. So I thought I share with you some of my favorite breweries, and of course, I will keep adding more. I hope you get the chance to visit one (or all) of them when you are in Japan.

And of course, if you are interested in more infor and/or a guided tour of one of these sake breweries get in touch here.

More to come soon...

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