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Introducing the World of Sake Through Writing, Photography, Consulting, and Events...

The world of sake has many faces. Through my work I highlight the hidden stories, share the unique and help people fall in love with sake!

I collaborate with sake makers, craftsmen, and artists, educate visitors coming to Japan as well as create unique content. Services include:

  • Consulting

  • Writing

  • Research

  • Editing

  • Photography &Video

  • Events

  • Presenting

  • Tours & Guiding

  • Trip planning

Get in touch with me today and let me know how I can help you!

Previous Events

EVENT: #beyondsake x Tsukiji Sake Salon x Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery

Another event of my #beyondsake series, this time in collaboration with Tsukiji Sake Salon in Tokyo and Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery from Shikoku!

I am looking forward to sharing my impressions of the brewery through my photography exhibited on the day of my visit when I helped make sake with them last year and I am uber-excited as Kuramoto-Toji, Mamiya-san, and two of his daughters will be joining the evening bringing plenty of sake as well as some of his hand-made T-shirts!


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