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Kenbishi - Japan's Oldest Sake

If you want to drink sake that even the Samurai where drinking back in time, then Kenbishi is one sake you have to try!

This Sake Brewery has been running since 1505 and they say their sake still tastes the same as it has back then. Keeping their traditions and being proud of what they do. And for good reason. Kenbishi has been so popular through the centuries, you can even find their logo in Ukiyo-e paintings, the traditional woodblock prints created through the 17th and 19th centuries.

And if that is not enough, it is even said that the "47 Rōnin", the legendary Samurai, opened a keg of Kenbishi sake before they set out to avenged the death of their master...

Kenbishi Sake Today - Taste and Facts

Kenbishi is doing a few products including the "KENBISHI "Kuromatsu" HONJOZO", which is widely available all over Japan. I even found it in Supermarkets in Tokyo, which again shows you, how popular this sake still is.

If you are new to sake, this really has a very classical taste, which is perfectly alligned with their mission of keeping it traditional. One might say this is what you imagine when thinking about what Japanese sake taste like.

The "Kenbishi Kuromatsu" has a rich flavor of rice, umami, a mellow body and a sharp finish. It is best enjoyed at room temperature or slightly warmer and perfectly pairs with rich cheese, such as a matured cheddar.

Classification: Honjozo (Yamahai)

Rice Polishing Rate: x

Rice Grain: Yamada Nishiki (Hyogo)

SMV: +0.5

Alcohol: 16.5%

Drink it at: Room Temperature or heat it up

Drink with: Matured Cheddar

Location: Hyogo, Japan



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