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Ohmine Sake - Have You Heard of Pharrell Williams?

The sake industry is well know for one thing, its tradition. However, more and more, let's call them craft brewers are deciding do deviate from the path. With huge success and Ohmine Shuzo is one great example of this.

Having reinvented their design, it is sleek, minimalist and immediately, stands out. You may not think this is even Japanese sake, because it looks so modern. So different to what you may assume a sake bottle or label should look like and that is just one of their genius attempts to change things up a little.

The other genius approach is there openness to collaborations, for example with popular illustrator Tanaka Misaki, creating their winter limited edition "Yuki Onna" in 2018. And moreover with musical mastermind Pharrell Williams. To come together and produce "SAKE STORM COWBOY®︎" in collaboration with NIGO®︎ and Pharrell in 2019. They are always good for a surprise and do a great job at exporting their sake too. So make sure to check if there is a shop selling it from their extensive list here.

Taste Profile

With a few different styles in their portfolio as well as limited seasonal editions, there are some differences in taste, as one would expect. However, their sake is generally on the fruity side, with aromas of peach and pear. A great drink to enjoy as an aperitif and well paired with French or Italian food.

One-cup Ohmine Junmai

If you don't want to invest in buying a whole bottle, try their one-cup sake. It has a fine aroma, mellow and has some warmth at room temperature, very easy to drink with a fruity note. Almost white wine like, but without the acidity.

Classification: Junmai

Rice Polishing Rate: 58%

Rice Grain: Yamada Nishiki

Alcohol: 14.5%

Drink it at: Room Temperature or slightly chilled

Drink with: Brie, Parma ham, antipasti

Location: Yamaguchi, Japan


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