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This Month in Sake - July 2022

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Jult has been a busy month and with the pandemic seemingly being manageable lately, many of the events and festivals are back and there is hope that they will not be canceled this year. Here are some highlights of what was going on in July.

Sake & Photography

After the great success of this year's Photo Exhibitions "Blurred Reality" at Kyotography 2022 as part of KG+ the show was moved to a private residence in a suburb of Tokyo for a semi-private viewing including sake. It was great to see such a huge turnout with both new and familiar faces, there was plenty of interesting sake including a portfolio of aged sake by In fact, it was such a huge success another collaboration may come up in the future.

Nearby Tokyo Presents: Trophy Sake Tasting

On July 8th, we organized a "Trophy Sake Tasting" in the heart of Utsunomiya. The occasion was the announcement of the IWC Sake Trophy award on the 7th of July. This exclusive sake event saw sake industry professionals and sake tour operators come together to taste 5 IWC Trophy winners, including the 2022 IWC Champion: Sawahime Ginjo by Inoue Seikichimade made with local Hitogokochi rice as well as the 2022 Kura Master President’s Award won by Tonoike Shuzoten for its Sanran Junmai Daiginjo, made with Tochigi Yumesasara rice!

We were especially excited to have Tamotsu Sato (left), Toji at Inoue Shuzo as well as Tonoike Shuzoten’s Shunsuke Tonoike (right) with us for the night.

Kubota Sake and Italian Food Pairing

On July 9th, Asahi Shuzo, makers of Kubota invited a small group of people for a special "Kubota and Italian Food Pairing" at a kitchen studio in trendy Yoyogi Uehara in Tokyo. The aim was to give feedback on 1) a new product being developed, with a tasting of unreleased possible new products within the sparkling/yuzu variation, and 2) share our opinion on their food and sake pairing, which had some really excellent combinations, such as the Burrata cheese, Muscat Grape and olive oil paired with Kubota's "Kubota Suijyu".

Sipping Doburoku in the heart of Tokyo

The recently opened Heiwa Doburoku Brewery - 平和どぶろく兜町醸造所 organized an event with the team of "どぶらぶ" (doburokulovers) for a Doburoku food pairing and brewery tour. A sleek new space, interesting concept, and great beverages, which also included some of Heiwa Shuzo's sake and craft beer. For more info check out my sake tourism post on Heiwa Doburoku Brewery.

Sake On Air relaunch live-stream!

After taking a brief hiatus over the last few months (which felt like no time at all) we were back with a special Sake On Air live recording from our home base the Japanese Sake and Shochu Information Center on the 29th of July! The excitement was palatable and other than forgetting the YouTube login (which is why the chat was moderated by "Lets Travel and Eat") it was great to connect with our listeners and of course drink some sake with the guys.

The first Podcast episode will be on air on the 10th of August, so make sure to tune in or check out for more info.

The Month Ahead

Next month will be busy with events and travel, as I will be visiting sake breweries in Aizu, attending Tonoike Sake Brewery's sake garden as well as joining a charity event in aid of Yuki Shuzo (among other things)...

To see all that is happening (in almost real-time) you can follow Sake Nomad on Instagram or Facebook, I will be back with another "this Month in Sake" next month!


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